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3 C Language based Controllers Article

3 Ladder Logic based Embedded Programmable Controllers

Ladder Logic is a widely used programming language based on circuit diagrams of relay logic hardware. It can be used to develop software for programmable logic controllers (PLC’s). The programs resemble ladders with two vertical rails on each side with horizontal rungs between them. Each rung of a ladder typically has a coil on the far right. There are different types of coils that represent whether a rung is closed or open. There are also different types of contacts for coils that represent whether a contact may be open or closed depending on the input. Function blocks are often available to help with implementing arithmetic operations or complex functions.

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Ethernet based Valve Control Article

Ethernet and Internet Based Industrial Valve Control Systems

Ethernet or Internet based valve control systems are convenient since they allow you to access your control system at any time. They are easy to set up since Ethernet cabling is now usually pre-installed in most buildings. You may need to open or close a valve based on a schedule or conditions. You can set up the valve control system to open or close based on logic or you can access the system remotely and manually open or close a valve. There are different ways you can implement such a system.

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Web Based SCADA

How to Set Up a Web Based SCADA System

Checking the status of an automation system over a web page is convenient and often necessary in this fast paced, always changing, always evolving world. Turning a light or valve on or off from a computer at your home or office can save you time and money in comparison to traveling out to sites for status and maintenance.

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modbus technology

Modbus Technology

Modbus is a widely used serial based communications protocol that is usually transmitted over copper wires or Ethernet cabling. Publihed in 1979, Modbus is a free and easy to use protocol that allows multiple devices to be connected to the same network. There're two forms of Modbus protocols: Modbus RTU which communicates over two copper wires and Modbus TCP which communicates over an Ethernet cable.

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Zigbee Alliance Technology

Types of Control Panels

Control panels are often flat organized areas where control instrumentation is installed. They are usually mounted in a secure area and are used in factories or machines for control and monitoring. Some control panels have touch screen interfaces and others have different instrumentation devices like gauges, meters and push button or touch screen controls. Sometimes a touch screen interface is mounted in the control panel door so users can interface with the control equipment or read instrument readings from outside of the control panel without having to open it. They often have communication equipment which allows it to communicate with other systems or back to a control center for remote access. Control panels are used in many industries including transportation, energy, communication, building automation, security, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, food and beverage and automotive.

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3 C Language based Controllers Article

3 C Language based Embedded Programmable Controllers

C Language programming is one of the most widely used computer programming languages. It can be used for general purpose or advanced applications. It can implement flow control, arithmetic and logic operations, functions and more. There are many kinds of controllers with different kinds of connectivity that can be programmed in C Language. Linux based controllers like LP-5131 can be programmed in C Language. MiniOS7 is a DOS-like operating system and runs in G-4500-3GWA, a wireless controller which can be programmed in C Language. uPAC-7186EX-FD-X305B is also a C Language programmable controller that has a MiniOS7 operating system. It is small and din rail mountable.

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