Ethernet / Internet Based Valve Control Systems

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Date: 2012-03-31

Ethernet or Internet based valve control systems are convenient since they allow you to access your control system at any time.  They are easy to set up since Ethernet cabling is now usually pre-installed in most buildings.  You may need to open or close a valve based on a schedule or conditions.  You can set up the valve control system to open or close based on logic or you can access the system remotely and manually open or close a valve.  There are different ways you can implement such a system.

ET-7017Ethernet and Modbus TCP based valve control devices like ET-7017 can take a 4-20mA measurement from a float sensor in a tank and output 40 VDC to control a valve.  ET-7017 can bring the level of the tank into the valve control system through data acquisition over the Modbus TCP driver.  ET-7017 has 8 analog input channels and supports ±150mV, ±500mV, ±1V, ±5V, ±10V, ±20mA, 0~20mA, and 4~20mA input types.  ET-7017 also has 4 digital output channels that can output 5 to 50 VDC to control a valve. 

EZ Data LoggerWith PC based free EZ Data Logger software, the valve control system can be set up such that the valve can open or close based on the level of the tank.  EZ Data Logger supports VB Script so you can implement control logic like if AI_2 > 15mA then DO_2 = 1 which means if analog input channel number 2 is greater than 15mA then turn digital output channel number 2 on.  You can set up email alarms to get sent out when the tank is above a desired range.  You can also set up buttons that you can click which can manually turn the valves on or off.  You can set up bar graphs that can show you the level in a tank.  With EZ Data Logger you can also set up trend graphs.  You can also set up the system to log the data so you can track the level in the tank and the status of the valves for analysis.

A more advanced valve control system can be set up with Indusoft SCADA software.  Indusoft is PC based SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) software that can be used to set up a control and monitoring system.  With Indusoft, you can add graphical animation, publish the system to the web for access over the internet, display data acquisition information with more advanced trend graphs, data logging, comparison curves, x-y charts, and implement system redundancy.  It comes with an hour of free web based training.

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