The Best Data Acquisition Tools for my Industry

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Date: 10-13-2021

The Best Data Acquisition Tools for my Industry

What is Data Acquisition?

Data Acquisition is the process of sampling real world physical information and the conversion of those samples into digital values that computers and controllers can understand. This information is often used to implement control logic operations like the turning on and off a fan based on the temperature, the turning on of a pump based on a tank level and the opening a valve based on pressure levels.

Data Acquisition information can be collected by a computer running SCADA software, a touch screen Hmi or a PLC. Data can be logged or displayed on the screen. You can turn equipment on or off with the push of a button. Data acquisition modules read values, store them in memory, and share the data from memory when requested by PLC’s, controllers or software.

What the main types of inputs that Data Acquisition Systems measure?

  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Strain & Pressure
  • Current & More

Best Data Acquisition Tools

Data Acquisition components include:

Analog-to-digital converters: To convert analog to digital signals. Analog information is a variable or adjustable measurement like temperature, pressure and flow rate. A Digital value is either on or off. A light and light switch is an example of something that can be either on or off. A dimmable light is variable in intensity and therefore is analog.

ICP DAS USA Best Analog-to-Digital Converters:

ET-7017: A web-based Ethernet I/O module that features a built-in web allowing configuration, I/O monitoring, and I/O control by simply using a regular web browser

M-7017: A data acquisition and control module that support Modbus RTU

EIP-2017: Supports voltage and current input type

Thermocouples and other sensors: a device used to give quantified data from a given physical quantity.

CL-201-E: Remote CO/temperature/humidity/dew point data logger module (RoHS)

CL-201-WF: Remote CO/temperature/humidity/dew point data logger with Ethernet/RS-485/Wi-Fi interfaces and PoE. Supports Modbus RTU and MQTT protocols

DL-10: RS-485 remote temperature and humidity (RoHS)

ICP DAS USA Signal Conditioning Products: manipulating the analog signal to simplify processing or acquiring of the signal.

SG-3016: Strain gauge input to voltage/current output

SG-3011: Isolated thermocouple input module with optical isolation. Provides voltage or current output

SG-3013: Isolated RTD input module. Provides voltage or current output

Data Acquisition System

Data Acquisition System

What Protocols can be used for Data Acquisition Hardware?

The most common Analog and digital data acquisition hardware communicate using Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, BACnet, Profibus, CANOpen, or DeviceNet protocols.

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