Soft-GRAF Studio V1.06 Release - The New Function -- Fashion Style

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Soft-GRAF Studio V.1.06 releases the new function -- Fashion Style
The ICP DAS HMI software "Soft-GRAF Studio" releases a new function "Fashion Style" for the Version 1.06.

The “Fashion Style” provides a colorful and vivid environment for the HMI page design. Users can choose the "Fashion Style" to work in a lively visual designing environment, or choose the "Old Style" to design the HMI using the command tools just like a professional programmer. In the default setting “Fashion Style”, the tool icons are the prototypes of the objects, users can design the HMI screen more intuitive, more sense of graphic control, and the new designer can get started more directly. For the professional Programmer can still switch to the “old style” to work in the object command mode. Whether the new users or the original designers of the Soft-GRAF HMI will like the colorful environment on the Fashion Style and welcome all designers to download and have a trial for the new version!!