WISE Recipe Function

Recipe Introduction

WISE controller offers up to 12 sets of Recipe setting. A sequence of actions can be stored in a Recipe, users can setup to execute this sequence of actions that was previously stored in the Recipe when an IF condition is matched. A Recipe contains a sequence of actions, therefore, we can say a Recipe is a macro for Actions. There are many Action types can be include in Recipe Action such as DO, AO, DI Counter, Internal Register, Timer, Schedule, Email, Rule Status, and Data Logger Actions.

Recipe Setting

The configuration page is shown as below:

Follow the following steps:

  1. Select the total number of Recipe you are going to use from the dropdown list of the Recipe Amount field.
  2. Assign an index number to the Recipe from the dropdown list of the “Index” field.
  3. Select an Action type from the dropdown list of the Action field.
  4. Click the Add button. An Action Setting page will appear for you to set up related Action Settings, please refer to THEN/ELSE Action.
  5. After you finish setting up Action Settings, the page will refresh automatically and the Actions will be listed on Recipe.

    In order to meet application requirement, for some Actions, WISE offers options to execute the Action one-time or repeatedly.

    One Time:

    When the IF Condition is TRUE, this Action will be executed once and only once. This Action will not be executed again until the IF Condition turns to be TRUE again.


    When the IF Condition is TRUE, this Action will be executed repeatedly until the IF Condition turns to be FALSE.

  6. All selected Actions will be listed on the Recipe page. Click on the radio checkbox to select the target Action, you can edit the selected Action by click on Edit button, or delete the Action from the list by click on Delete button. To rearrange the order of the Action, click the Move Up or Move Down button to move the target Action to the desired order. To delete all Actions, click on the Clear All button to remove all actions from the list.
  7. Repeat steps 2 ~ 6. After all Recipe settings are completed, click “Save” button to save the changes.

Recipe Rule Setting

Recipe Action:

Users can execute Recipe in the Action statement.

Recipe Action Description Execution Type
Recipe index N Execute Execute the sequence of actions in the Recipe By Action

Recipe Application Example

Scenario Example Document

Assume a WISE controller is used in a devices monitoring system; the device is connected to the DI0 channel on the WISE controller so that the WISE controller can retrieve current device status in real time. When the DI0 Channel receive an ON message that indicates a unusual event of the device occurred, the WISE controller will send Email to inform related personnel, turn on warning lights and fans. It also start the IP Camera for real time recording to ensure immediate response to the emergency situations.

WISE-71xx, 790x, 4000
wise-580x WISE-580x

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