New Hot-Swap And Redundant Solution For The Wincon-8347 / 8747

| Instrumentation 2015™Left

To meet requirements of tough industrial applications, ICP DAS released the New Hot-Swa redundant solution for Wincon-8347 / 8747. This redundant system has set up two Active IP address points to the active W-8x47's LAN1 and LAN2 ports. One or more PC / HMI / SCADA systems can communicate with this redundant system via one of the two given active IP's. The PC / HMI / SCADA has access to the system with out any notice, on which W-8x47 is currently active. The new redundant system can integrate with the RU-87P4 and RU-87P8 expansion unit plus the I-87K high-profile I/O cards to support the hot-swap application. If any I/O card is damaged, exchange a good-card with same model name to hot-swap the damaged one without stopping the redundant system.

The system contains two Wincon-8347 or two Wincon-8747, plus two NS-205 / NS-208 (Industrial Ethernet Switch), and at least one RU-87P4 or RU-87P8 expansion base plus at least one I-87K high-profile I/O card. One W-8x47 is named as Main PAC, the other is called the Backup PAC. The Main PAC takes the control in normal case and its LAN1 and LAN2 IP are automatically changed to the Active_IP1 and Active_IP2. If it is damaged, the Backup PAC will take the control and also change to the Active_IP1 and Active_IP2 automatically. So the PC / HMI don't care about which one is active, and just connects continuously.

  • Controller is redundant
  • Ethernet is redundant
  • I/O is Hot-Swappable

Hot Swap

This redundant system can also integrate with the Touch HMI as the following figure: