Types of Low Powered Data Acquisition Equipment

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Date: 2014-08-27

low powered daqTypes of Low Powered Data Acquisition Equipment:

Low power consumption and low power input data acquisition equipment is useful for portable solar powered applications that can be installed in remote locations like out in a desert, field or on the ocean as standalone systems. It can communicate over different mediums and protocols like Modbus RTU, Ethernet, Modbus TCP, and Zigbee communication. Low power data acquisition equipment is low maintenance, robust and flexible for many different kinds of applications. Solar powered applications usually provide 12VDC for powering devices.

Modbus is a communication protocol that was developed by MODICON in 1979. It's a standardized, openly used protocol that is widely used in industrial automation and solar applications. SCADA and HMI software can easily be incorporated with low powered Modbus systems to show the status of equipment, send email or text message alarms, log data, implement control and generate reports. Modbus RTU communicates over two copper wires and Modbus TCP communicates over Ethernet cabling.

Industrial equipment is designed to survive in harsh environments and extreme temperatures. Industrial Modbus RTU devices like the M-7000 Series data acquisition modules have both low power consumption and power input. They can be powered with 10 to 30 VDC. Their power consumption ranges from .4W to 1.3W. Digital equipment offers lower power consumption than analog. Industrial Modbus TCP devices like the ET-7000 series also have low power consumption and power input. Their power consumption ranges from .08W to 1.7W. Industrial Zigbee wireless devices like the ZT-2000 series communicates over the 2.4GHz band and support Modbus RTU protocol. They support power input between 10 to 30VDC and have power consumption around 1.4W.

Low power consumption and low power input type data acquisition equipment is convenient for unmanned remote standalone applications. Internet connectivity gives low power data acquisition equipment the ability for remote data retrieval from SCADA and HMI software. Wireless device servers like GT-540 use the cellular network and give Modbus RTU type data acquisition and control equipment remote monitoring capability. Free M2M RTU Center software with GT-540 makes it easy to integrate a SCADA system with remote low power data acquisition equipment quickly and easily.

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