Lighting and Air Conditioning Management System

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Date: 09-28-2021

A Path to Success: Lighting and Air Conditioning Management System

For more than 30 years, ICP DAS USA has provided cost-effective solutions for the building automation industry. The goal is to increase and improve efficiency, effectiveness, and safety to all ICP DAS USA’s building automation customers. Many customers look to ICP DAS USA to find a solution to transform a traditional control system to an automated smart building control system. Many are hesitant because it is new and modern technology, and they would rather stay with the traditional control system because it’s what they know best. What many customers don’t know is, how implementing the solution below will save money, time, and, most importantly, headaches; making life easier for professionals like you. ICP DAS USA has recently worked with a customer that manages hospitals in the Los Angeles area and was looking to implement a lighting and control system in all managed hospitals. ICP DAS USA transformed a traditional control system to an automated smart building control system using the following architecture to monitor and control.


The TPD Series, TPD-283U-H, replaced the previous controller and display. The TPD which can also communicate via DCON protocol, used both Modbus TCP over Ethernet and Modbus RTU over RS-485 to communicate to sensors and devices located throughout the facility.

For most temperature control applications, control and sensor data are separated into discrete systems where the master control panel can only communicate with device controllers under its own architecture. This makes any expansion time consuming because when a new sensor or module is added to the system, a new architecture needs to be designed. ICP DAS USA has created the TPD series to simplify the process of adding new devices and sensors to your network. The TPD series combines automation control for building automation with data acquisition and display for temperature and humidity sensors.

The TouchPAD series features all-in-one functions, such as rapid integration, easy maintenance and display. It cuts the cost of installing a PLC and HMI and, in addition, provides more convenient features than installing a PLC & HMI. The TPD series role is to control devices with a communication interface and functions as a controller that is equipped with display functions.

The TPD-283U-H and various Modbus sensors and control products work together to provide a wide range of options for many applications such as cooling control, heating control, and alarm control under one system architecture. It is one the best solutions and successful solution for professionals in the building automation industry.

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LeftWater Monitoring Solution | The Best Data Acquisition Tool for my Industryright