Improving Data Communication Signals

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Date: 2012-10-30

NS-205Improving Data Communication Signals:

Data Communication involves transmitting data across transmission lines and often involves noise or electrical distortion. Data communication signals can be strengthened or repeated to improve signal quality and can increase communication distance. Signal repeaters can provide isolation and can extend the communication transmission beyond the standard communication distance.

The typical transmission distance for RS-485 networks is up to 4000 feet. Isolated RS-485 repeaters like I-7510 can be used to extend RS-485 communication over 4000 feet or can be used to improve the signal and have a self-tuner inside. Baud rates relate to the speed of data transmission. Baud rates can be selected with baud rate selectable repeaters like tM-7510U. Isolated RS-485 termination resistors like SG-785 or smaller ones like tM-SG4 can be used to reduce noise in the RS-485 line. CANbus data transmission rate decreases as the bus length increases. The typical transmission distance for CANbus networks is about 1km with a data rate of 50 kilobytes per second. The CANbus signal can be improved or extended with isolated CAN repeaters like I-7531. CAN bridges like I-7532 have a micro controller inside and can help extend CAN network distances and can also allow devices with different baud rates to communicate.

Signal conditioners can improve signals by reducing noise. Thermocouple based signal conditioners like SG-3011 can provide a thermocouple signal with 3000VDC of channel to channel isolation. Signal conditioners like SG-3081 can also change one type of signal like a 0-20mA or 4-20mA current input to another type of signal like a 0-5V or 0-10V voltage output.

Surge protectors like SG-770 have seven channels can protect voltage, current, thermocouple, RTD and RS-485 based signals against surges. Ferrite cores like 4PCD-002 can help reduce EMI/RFI for round cables. The hinged plastic case surrounding the split core is designed to clamp onto the cable to provide a secure fixture of the ferrite onto the cable. The cores can be retrofitted onto existing installations or used on data and power cables for electronic equipment.

Data communication equipment can help improve signal quality, reduce noise in the data communication line, add isolation, protect against surges or convert one type of signal into another.
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