WISE Email Function

Email Introduction

WISE controller supports up to 12 Email messages. This function allows sending pre-input Email message(s) to pre-set Email receiver(s) under certain conditions. The I/O channel information can be sent via Email in real time; the system status will be reported immediately. Please note: WISE Email sending function can only work with the SMTP Email server that uses port 25 and must be without SSL cryptographic protocols. A self-hosted SMTP server is recommended for Email sending function or use Yahoo account for free Email service.

Email Setting

The configuration page is shown as below:

Follow the following steps:

  1. Specify the numbers of email messages you want to set up from the dropdown list of the “E-mail Amount” field.
  2. Specify the email group number from the dropdown list of the “Index” field.
  3. Enter the IP or the domain name of the SMTP server in the “SMTP Server” field.
  4. If SMTP server requires account and password validation, please select the Authentication Checkbox, and continue steps v~vi to login into the SMTP server. If SMTP server don’t need account and password validation, uncheck the Authentication Checkbox and skip steps v~vi, go directly to step vii.
  5. Enter the SMTP server login ID in the “Login ID” field.
  6. Enter the SMTP server password in the “Password” field.
  7. Enter the sender’s name in the “Sender Name” field.
  8. Enter the sender’s email address in the “Sender Email Address” field.
  9. Enter the receiver’s email address in the “1st ~5th Receiver Email address” field. Please note: you can input up to 5 receivers, at least one email address has to be entered. Please enter the email address in sequence to avoid possible error.
  10. Enter the email subject in the “Subject” field.
  11. Enter the content in the “Content” field. The length of the content cannot exceed 160 characters. In addition, Email provides an encoded string that allow user to add current channel value into Email content. The syntax is shown as below:

    The user can also add channel value encoded string into Email content from the I/O channel selection interface.

    Repeat steps ii ~ xi. After all email groups settings are completed, click “Save” button to save the changes.

Email Rule Setting

Email Action:

Users can send Email in the Action statement.

Email Action Description Execution Type
Email index N Send Send Email One Time

Email Application Example

Scenario Example Document

Assume a greenhouse is equipped with a WISE controller for environment monitoring. The temperature sensor is connected to the AI Channel on the WISE controller, when the greenhouse temperature reached 75 degree, WISE will immediately send Email to inform related personnel for emergency response.

WISE-71xx, 790x, 4000

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