EZ Data Logger is Data Logging Software that can be Applied to Small Remote I/O Systems. EZ Data Logger (Basic Edition) is our Easy to use Data Logging Software for Small Applications. It supports up to 64 I/O tags, 2 SMS or E-mail alarm contacts, 1 web camera, and up to 32 virtual channels. EZ Data Logger works with many I/O. EZ Data Logger can support other modbus devices as long as there is at least one ICP DAS modbus product in the application.

PET FREE EZ Data Logger for Small Applications
Advanced EZ Data Logger Advanced EZ Data Logger for Advanced Applications
PET PET-7000 Power over Ethernet I/O Selection
ET-7000 Ethernet Remote I/O selection
I-7000 Serial Remote I/O Selection
M-7000 Modbus RTU I/O Selection