Connect and Manage IoT Devices with New IoTStar Software

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Date: 12-08-2021

Connect and Manage IoT Devices with New IoTStar Software

IoTstar is a software developed by ICP DAS USA for users to manage and control web based remote monitoring systems in industrial IoT applications. IoTstar can be installed on a private or public IoT cloud system and provides 3 major services for any industrial IoT application needs:

  • Controller Remote Access: Status monitoring, system setting, and firmware update
  • Sensor Data Collection: Data collected and transferred into cloud’s database
  • Sensor Data Visualization: Review data through IoTstar dashboard’s interface

IoTstar is developed for ICP DAS USA’s WISE/PMC/PMD controllers. There is no-programming required for the IoT Cloud system development and the system’s settings can only be completed through web interface. Through the SQL command, IoTstar can efficiently be integrated with cloud platforms and data analysis tools such as SCADA system, Google data and more to help users built “IoT + Big Data” cloud application.

Implementing IoTstar can benefit factory automation applications by monitoring, collecting, and receiving real-time data for production capacity optimization.

Iotstar Benefits:

  • There is no need to manually process operation information. IoTstar collects all information and transfers into database for an efficient and reliable calculation
  • Integrate OT and IT systems efficiently via the SQL command interface to provide comprehensive operation information of the devices
  • Analyze real-time and past logged data from devices, monitor status of devices, adjust system settings and firmware.
  • Know in advance the operation’s stability of devices

IoTstar Application

Because if IoTstar, developers are now able to quickly construct the application architecture for an IoT system. IoTstar can also be used to achieve two-way access to remote WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, as well as the remote data integration of the sensors. No programming is required, and it only takes a few clicks in the web interface to configure the settings for the system. You can then build the data queries and review functions for the monitoring and control system on the cloud.

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