WISE CGI Command Function

CGI Command Introduction

WISE controller offers up to 12 sets of CGI Command setting. This function allows sending pre-input CGI Command to pre-set remote network device under certain conditions.

CGI Command Setting

The configuration page is shown as below:

Follow the following steps:

  1. Specify the numbers of CGI Commands you want to set up from the dropdown list of the “CGI Amount” field.
  2. Specify the CGI group number from the dropdown list of the “Index” field.
  3. Enter the Remote Server IP, Port number and CGI Command in the “CGI Command” field.
  4. Enter the number in the “Retry Count” field. It means the retry number WISE will try when it can’t connect with Remote Server device. The range of retry count is between 0 and 65535.
  5. Enter the number in the “Retry Interval” field. It means the time interval between each retry connection. The unit is Second and the range of retry interval is between 0 and 65535.
  6. Repeat steps 2 ~ 5. After all CGI groups settings are completed, click “Save” button to save the changes.

CGI Command Rule Setting

.CGI Command Action:

Users can send CGI Command in the Action statement.

CGI Action Description Execution Type
CGI index N Send Send CGI Command One Time

CGI Command Application Example

Scenario Example Document

Assume a WISE Controller and IP Camera are used in a home security monitoring system; by DI channel on WISE, it enables to connect to the door access control, when there is a unauthorized entry, as soon as the WISE receives a signal from the door access control (DI = ON), it will send out CGI command for IP Camera video recording . The IP Camera doesn’t need to be on all the time, therefore achieve safety monitoring and electricity saving at the same time.

WISE-71xx, 790x, 4000

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