Building Automation with FRnet

FRnet is a fieldbus developed by ICP DAS. It features high-speed and long-distance data trasmission, and is designed for digital I/O control. Only 2 wires are needed to transmit data. ICP DAS has more than 20 kinds of modules supporting FRnet. It is useful in builiding automation. On the first floor, ICP DAS FRnet modules play an important role in the cubic parking system to make sure that the car is parked precisely in the position. On the second floor, a smoking room on the right hand side features an independent air conditioning. The smoke detector in the corner will send signals to the FRnet module when the air is bad. Fans get turned on as soon as the FRnet module get the signal from the smoke detector. On the third floor, the FRnet module controls on/off of the light in the meeting room. With instant respond time, FRnet module has excellent performance in the digital-control application. On the top floor, the status of windows and doors are monitored by the FRnet module. If any window or door is opened, FRnet module will instantly detect it and send its status to the control center in real time. FRnet data is sent through 2 wires. FRnet makes installation simple and neat! An embedded controller with FRnet ports, I-7188EF-016, on the left side, receives data from FRnet modules, and send these data to the control center through Ethernet! Here we see the detailed information coming from all the FRnet modules in the building. The embedded controller, I-7188EF-016, has 2 FRnet ports to handle data from FRnet modules. Up to 16 FRnet modules can be connected with I-7188EF-016 simultaneously. In addition, users can write their own programs for I-7188EF-016 to control the FRnet modules.