Vehicle Monitoring Systems

M2M solution for In-Vehicle monitoring - GT-540P

M2M applications are the ideal answer for the demands of wide range of fields because wireless transmission makes it easy for devices to communicate to each other. Wireless is especially helpful in mobile monitoring systems where instant alarm functions are required.

Transportation management and tracking systems are getting more and more important in modern graphic developed logistics. When goods in transit get stuck in abnormal situations, how and when logistic companies actively gather information and implement necessary reactions are key points that minimize possible losses. In this video, we will present a remarkable solution - the GT-540P is a GPRS remote communication and GPS positioning and monitoring system which features 6 digital inputs, 2 digital outputs, and 1 analog output built in to conduct real time data collection and emergency reaction. You can expand memory storage through the micro SD slot, the GT-540P supports cards up to 2GB. The GT-540P supports both RS-232 and RS-485 communication interfaces to seamlessly communicate with most industrial instruments.

Normally, when vehicles are traveling, the drivers rely on mobile communication to talk to the office staff and control center. With GT-540P installed, based on its highly reliable GPS positioning and monitoring system, the supervisors can obtain the present location and real time status of cars directly through the screens at the control center at any time. M2M applications are always the ideal answer for the demands of a wide range of fields because wireless transmission has no wiring troubles, especially in mobile monitoring systems, where instant alarm functions are required. Drivers must always concentrate on their driving, even when unexpected situations occur, like when a door gets opened or is loose, delivery freezer temperature is out of range, or a tow truck lift is not in the proper place. When these things occur, it will issue a warning signal to the driver immediately.

These conditions will also be recorded and sent automatically by SMS or E-mail to the phone and mailboxes of the relevant personnel. The control center can keep track of the status of the transportation team, and thecarriage of goods. If you have any questions, or would like more information about M2M products, please feel free to contact us.




Cellular Wireless Intelligent GPRS Remote Terminal Unit with GPS and 2G micro SD card for remote monitoring applications.