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Industrial Data Communications

Our industrial data communications products allow for communication and conversion between many varieties of protocols. We supply converters, gateways, device servers, switches, and communication boards.

ICP DAS offers a wide selection of devices, allowing diversified industrial data communication and conversion. Click Here for Our Data Communications Presentation

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Serial to Ethernet and Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Converters

ICP DAS USA Serial to Ethernet and Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP Converters allow you to have your devices communicate across protocols. We offer Programmable 40 Mhz CPU 10 Base T Ethernet converters, Programmable 80 Mhz CPU 10/100 Base T Ethernet converters, Non-Programmable PoE 10/100 Base TX converters, and Non-Programmable PoE 10/100 Base TX Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP converters.

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USB Converters

ICP DAS USA provides USB Converters that function as signal conversion from USB to RS-232/422/485 or CAN industrial data communication. We also provide Industrial USB Hubs. Our USB converters are made of Fire Retardant Materials (UL94-V0 Level). We have serial to USB converters, RS-485 to USB converters, RS-232 to USB converters, and RS-422 to USB converters.

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RS-232/422/485 Conversion Devices

ICP DAS offers a multitude of RS-232/422/485 converters to meet almost any signal conversion you need!

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Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

ICP DAS offers a large selection of industrial unmanaged Ethernet switches, in both metal and plastic form factors; offering users cost effective solutions for implementing industrial control or data acquisition over a local area network!

We have a variety of industrial unmanaged ethernet switches for your selection.

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J1939 to Modbus RTU Converters

These products provide a industrial data communication transformation between J1939 protocol and Modbus RTU protocol. We provide Utility software for users to configure the parameters of J1939 / Modbus RTU of GW-7228. The application fields can be Diesel power-train applications, In-Vehicle networks for trucks and buses, etc.

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Industrial Managed Fiber Optic Switches

Industrial Ethernet Layer 2 Managed Switches that secures data transmission by using fiber optics transmission to provide immunity from EMI/RFI interference. They are the perfect solution for applications where transmission must be protected from electrical exposure, surges, lightning or chemical corrosion.

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Industrial Unmanaged Fiber Optic Switches

ICP DAS offers a broad range of fiber optic to ethernet converters, in both metal and plastic form factors; as well as multitude of configurations. All converters are capable of 10/100 BaseT and 10/100 BaseFX communication.

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CAN Communication Converters

The Controller Area Network (CAN) is a serial communication protocol, which efficiently supports distributed real-time control with a very high level of security. It provides the error process mechanisms and message priority concepts. These features can improve the network reliability and transmission efficiency. Furthermore, CAN supplies the multi-master capabilities, and is especially suited for networking intelligent devices as well as sensors and actuators within a system or sub-system.

ICP DAS USA provides CAN Communication Converters for converting one type of signal into another. We offer many types of CAN Converters including: CAN to Ethernet, CAN to Fiber, CAN to Modbus RTU, CAN to RS-232, CAN to RS-485, J1939 to Modbus RTU, CAN to Modbus TCP and more.

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Industrial Managed Ethernet Switches

ICP DAS USA provides managed Ethernet Switches for your industrial data communication needs. Our switches detect and recovers from a fiber or copper link failure within approximately 50ms which helps applications achieve a seamless process.

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Modbus Converters

Our Modbus Converters and modbus gateways convert Modbus to different protocols to bring you flexibility for your applications. We also have Intelligent Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP converters. Our Modbus converters and modbus gateways allow communication from Modbus to CANopen, Profibus, DeviceNet, and J1939.

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DeviceNet Gateway

DeviceNet is a low level network that provides connections between simple industrial devices (like sensors and actuators) and higher level devices (like controllers). DeviceNet has Master/Slave and Peer to Peer capabilities. DeviceNet Gateway is capable of brokering communication between DeviceNet protocol hardware, and ICP DAS DCON protocol hardware.

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Profibus Gateway

PROFIBUS (PROCESS FIELD BUS) which is anchored in the international standards IEC 61158 and IEC 61784 is an open, digital communication system with a wide range of applications. It is particularly used in the fields of factory and process automation. It is suitable for both fast, time-critical applications and complex communication tasks.

To utilize this powerful communication system more easily, ICP DAS provides PROFIBUS DP products. We have been developing and studying PROFIBUS DP for many years. ICP DAS will always secure your industrial safety and stable automation systems as our mission.

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FR-Net Communication Boards

FRnet is an innovative industrial field bus offering high-speed deterministic I/O control, real I/O synchronization capabilities, non-protocol communication, and easy programming. The ICP DAS FRnet line of products offers cutting edge technology for high speed data acquisition applications!

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CANbus Communication Boards

CANbus (Controller Area Network) Communication Boards are for serial communication protocol, and efficiently support distributed real-time control with a very high level of security. In CAN networks, there is no addressing of subscribers or stations in the conventional sense, but instead prioritized messages are transmitted.

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Remote Maintenance Devices

ICP DAS USA conveniently offers remote maintenance devices so you can maintain your devices remotely. Two major networking technologies are utilized: Voice streaming and Pair connections. Pair connection means the user can operate remote COM port devices via Ethernet TCP/IP protocol just like a local COM port. Voice streaming means the user can talk to remote operators while operating remote COM-linked devices.

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BACnet Converters

BACnet is a communications protocol for building automation and control networks. It is an ASHRAE, ANSI, and ISO standard protocol. BACnet was designed to allow communication of building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control, lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems and their associated equipment. The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms for computerized building automation devices to exchange information, regardless of the particular building service they perform.

BACnet Features

  • Designed specifically for building automation control
  • Conformance to ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 135-2008 or ISO 16484-5
  • A completely non-proprietary open communication software standard
  • Support several different physical and link layers (BACnet/IP, Ethernet, ARCNET, MS/TP, PTP and LonTalk)
  • All data in a BACnet system is represented in terms of "objects", "properties" and "services"
  • Scalability and choice of compatibility with other systems and vendors

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DALI Gateways

Our Digital Addressable Lighting Interface products are widely used in the lighting industry.

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Ethernet/IP to Modbus Gateways

Our robust Ethernet/IP to Modbus Gatways are helpful for data-exchanging between the Modbus RTU network and the EtherNet/IP network. They read the register data from the Modbus RTU slaves and publish this data to the input register data of the EtherNet/IP scanner.

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HART Converters and Gateways

The HART (Highway Addressable Remote Transducer) protocol uses the Bell 202 Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) standard to superimpose digital communication signals on the 4-20 mA loop current shown as below figure. HART communicates at 1200 bps without interrupting and interference with the 4-20mA signal and allows a host application (master) to send/receive digital information from a smart field device. The 4-20mA signal communicates the primary measured value - the fastest and most reliable industry standard. The digital signal can be used for additional device information including device status, diagnostics, additional measured or calculated values, etc. Therefore, the HART communication including analog and digital information provides a low-cost and very robust complete field communication solution that is easy to use and configure.

HART is a master/slave protocol which provides for up to two masters (primary and secondary) and the secondary master such as handheld can be used to monitor/control the informatoin of HART bus. HART can be used in various modes such as point-to-point or multi-drop for communicating information to/from smart field instruments and central control or monitoring systems. The following are the description of two main HART operation modes.

  • Relatively easy to understand and use, the HART protocol provides access to the wealth of additional information (variables, diagnostics, calibration, etc.)
  • HART is a no risk solution for enhanced field communication
  • Compatibility with standard 4-20mA wiring
  • Simultaneous transmission of digital data
  • Risk reduction through a highly accurate and robust protocol
  • Increase Plant Availability
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Improve regulatory compliance

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IR Controlled Relay Module

These Relay modules can be controlled via a wireless IR remote control, as well as other control methods.

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PROFIBUS Repeaters

Extend the range of your PROFIBUS devices with our PROFIBUS repeaters

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Programmable Serial to Ethernet Device Servers

The PDS-700 series is a family of Programmable Device Servers, also known as "Serial-to-Ethernet gateway", that are designed for linking RS-232/422/485 devices to an Ethernet network.

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Programmable Serial-to-Fiber Device Servers

The PDS-220Fx series is a family of Programmable Device Servers, also known as "Serial-to-Ethernet gateway”, that are designed for adding optical fiber connectivity to RS-232/422/485 devices.

The fiber-optic communications permits transmission over longer distances than other forms of communications because of the signals travel along them with less loss and no crosstalk. It has following important features: Immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI) — Motors, relays, welders and other industrial equipment generate a tremendous amount of electrical noise that can cause major problems with copper cabling.

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Wi-Fi Converter

Our Wi-Fi converters add Wi-Fi capability to different protocol types.

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Zigbee Alliance Based Wireless Products

ZigBee is a specification based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for wireless personal area networks (WPANs). ZigBee operates in the ISM radio bands and is a general-purpose, inexpensive, self-organizing, mesh network that can be used for industrial control, embedded sensing, medical data collection, smoke and intruder warning, building automation, home automation, and domestics. There are three different types of ZigBee devices in a ZigBee network: Master, Router / Repeater and End Device. We have zigbee converters, repeaters and I/O modules. Our I/O Products can be used with our FREE EZ Data Logger Software.

Our ZT products meet the Zigbee Alliance Standard to ensure maximum compatibility with Zigbee products.

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