Home Automation

Home automation is trending now. The home automation solutions can automatically turn on/off your lights or other electronic devices when needed. It can also automatically turn on the fan or AC when the temperatures goes beyond the preset level. With alarm system connected, home automation system can also work as a home security system, where it can trigger alarms when someone breaks into your home when you are out. It can also trigger the alarms or call the police when it detects unusually high level of monoxide or smoke.

The home automation solutions provided by ICP DAS USA comprise of touch screen controllers like TPD-280 or TPD-430 to easily monitor and control your devices on a color screen, smart power meters like PM-3112 to have real time access to your electricity usage, universal IR (Infrared) learning remote module and Infrared to Modbus RTU slave converter like IR-210 to automatically control all your entertainment equipment such as TV, DVD player and music player. For more specific lighting control, you can also add a device LC-103. For a wireless home automation system, ICP DAS USA also provides wireless modules like WF-2055 and Zigbee wireless devices like ZT-2017 so that you can view the real time status of your home and easily control your home devices on your phone. Touch Screen Controllers fit in electrical outlets for easy touch based remote control and presents a very user-friendly interface. A web server can run in a programmable automation controller (PAC) like XP-8041 and can publish a web page for access from remote web browsers in smart phones. The PAC controller can be connected to devices like Wi-Fi access points, PM-2133 power meters, IR-210 Infrared to Modbus RTU converters, zigbee converters, and I/O modules. The web page allows users to turn devices on or off simply through the web browser so no programming skills are required.

  • ICP DAS TouchPAD provides scenarios control (Lighting, Dimmer, Air Conditioning, Multimedia... etc) to replace the traditional mechanical switches.
  • Zigbee application can form an easy wireless controlling network
  • With LC-103, it can connect and control the lighting easily.
  • Supports infrared (IR-210/IR-712) interface, makes learning effrortless, and allow easy control of peripheral appliances
  • Smart power meter application for real-time power consumption monitoring
  • Smart phone application via WiFi to enable the HA control through smart phone

Home Automation Application