Factory Automation

ICP DAS ZigBee Alliance based Wireless Converters and Data Acquisition Modules are being used in factory automation systems for system status, wireless communication, monitoring and data acquisition.  A ZT-2570 host repeater is connected to a laptop computer which runs Indusoft SCADA software.  It communicates wirelessly over the zigbee network to ZT-2571 slave converters which are connected to VPD-133 Touch Screen PLC's which operators use to input data.  ZT-2060 digital input and relay output and ZT-2053 digital input modules are also in the network for data acquisition.  Another ZT-2571 slave converter is connected to serial I/O modules and racks for data acquisition.  All the data is gathered on the laptop running SCADA software where users can see the status of the entire factory, generate reports, log data, review alarms and trend reports.

Our ZT Series is the newest ZigBee Network of converters and I/O modules. The ZT Series ZigBee Wireless products not only complies with the RoHS Directive, but also conforms with the IEEE802.15.4 wireless communication standard. Through ZT-2570 (Master) and ZT-2571 (Slave), users may easily build a wireless RS-232/RS485/Ethernet network efficiently. It supports ad-hoc, stat, and mesh network topology, and can coexist with 65535 nodes. The communication distance is up to 700 meters. In some existing systems that use a RS-485/RS-232 network, it is sometimes difficult to extend and connect to the new devices due to building structure issues, wiring problems or other reasons. The ZT series can be easily added to an existing system in order to extend your network wirelessly.

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