Energy Monitoring Systems

ICP DAS USA provides smart power meters for energy management systems that help with monitoring power consumption and energy usage. They can be used with Touch Screen PLCs, data loggers, Programmable Automation Controllers (PAC), and PCs running SCADA software. Energy monitoring information can help save on costs since changes can be made to reduce energy usage when its not needed.

SCADA software can display power consumption data in a way that's easy to understand. Touch Screen PLCs like TPD-433 can be used to show power consumption data. A gauge can be used to show the desired level status. TGW-715 is a Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP converter and can allow the power meters to communicate back to a Ethernet / Modbus TCP devices like PCs and controllers.

Energy Monitoring

Smart Power Monitoring and Management Systems

ICP DAS USA provides total solutions for power monitoring and management system that consists of smart power meters, power meter data logger and data server, and SCADA software that provides easy management solutions for the control center. Users can have real time access to their power consumption data via mobile devices and PC. The system is easy to set up and configure with user-friendly web configuration interface - no programming skills needed. The power monitoring and management system can help record energy consumption data and in turn save energy costs by cutting unnecessary energy usage. The flexible power monitoring and management system can be applied to both small and large scale applications.

smart power monitoring and management system

ISaGRAF in Energy Management

ISaGRAF Programmable Automation Controllers can be used for control and monitoring with power meters that communicate over Modbus RTU protocol.